Risk Disclosure Statement

Updated August 2022

At Willis Capital, we value transparency and aim to provide a clear understanding of the risks associated with participating in our proprietary trading program. Before engaging with our platform, it is crucial to comprehend and acknowledge the potential risks involved. Trading financial products involves inherent risks and may not be suitable for all individuals. We strongly recommend considering the following risk factors before participating in our program:

Market Risks

Market Volatility: Financial markets are subject to sudden and significant price fluctuations. The value of investments can rise or fall rapidly due to various factors such as geopolitical events, economic indicators, or market sentiment.Leverage and Margin Trading: Utilizing leverage in trading activities can amplify both potential profits and losses. While leverage can enhance gains, it also increases the exposure to potential losses beyond the initial investment.

Operational Risks

System and Technology Risks: The reliance on technological infrastructure exposes participants to risks related to system failures, connectivity issues, or cybersecurity threats that may impact trading activities.

Execution Risks: Orders may not be executed at the expected price or time due to market conditions, liquidity constraints, or delays in order processing.

Regulatory Risks:

Regulatory Changes: Changes in laws, regulations, or government policies can significantly affect trading conditions, impacting asset values or the availability of certain financial instruments.

Compliance Risks: Non-compliance with regulatory requirements or failure to adhere to our established policies and guidelines may lead to penalties, restrictions, or legal implications

Financial Risks

Loss of Capital: Trading activities involve the risk of losing the entire invested capital or more, especially in highly volatile markets or during adverse trading conditions. As such, prospective participants run the risk of losing their trading fees when they blow their trading accounts.

Counterparty Risks: Risks associated with the default or insolvency of counterparties

Unforeseen Risks

Unforeseen Events: Unexpected events such as natural disasters, political instability, or global crises can significantly impact financial markets, leading to unpredicted losses.

Geopolitical Risks: Changes in geopolitical situations or global events can cause market disruptions, affecting asset values and investment performance.

Risk Management

Participants should be aware that while Willis Capital takes measures to mitigate risks, these efforts may not eliminate all potential risks associated with trading activities. Engaging in our proprietary trading program requires an understanding and acceptance of these risks. By engaging in trading activities with Willis Capital, participants acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with financial markets. It is recommended to seek advice from financial advisors or experts before making any trading decisions. Participants should carefully consider their risk tolerance, financial situation, and investment objectives before engaging in trading activities.