Willis Capital

Our journey began with a vision ignited by our founder, Dapo Willis. Witnessing countless skilled traders struggle due to a lack of capital and resources, he embarked on a mission to transform their fortunes. Drawing from his own expertise and experience in the financial markets, Dapo launched Willis Capital, a proprietary trading initiative designed to identify, nurture and fund skilled traders like himself.

Driven by the belief that talent should never go to waste, our founder set out to bridge the gap between skill and capital, creating a platform that provides traders with the tools they need to excel. Our mission is clear – to transform aspiring and professional traders into multimillionaires. Through genuine care, personalized support, and a dedication to lifelong growth, we stand by our traders every step of the way, nurturing a community of success-driven individuals who share a common goal: to conquer the markets and achieve true financial prosperity. Join us at Willis Capital, where your trading journey is not just a dream but a tangible pathway to thriving as a multimillionaire trader.


Our Mission

Equipping experienced traders with the tools, funds, and support for unmatched success in their trading endeavors.


Our Vision

To become the top choice and leading platform for skilled traders, offering substantial capital, genuine growth opportunities, and a pathway to triumph in the financial markets.

Our Core Values

To us, Willis is more than a name. It is an acronym that embodies who we are and what we represent


WEALTH EMPOWERMENT: We believe in empowering traders, providing them with the resources and capital they need to create lasting wealth and financial independence.


INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY: Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our operations, ensuring genuine and open interactions with our traders, and building long-lasting trust.


LIFELONG GROWTH: We are committed to nurturing the lifelong growth and development of our traders, fostering continuous improvement and success in their trading journey.


LEARNING: Recognizing that the financial markets are dynamic and always evolving, we are constantly committed to continuous learning and improvement so as to stay ahead of new trends and technologies.


INNOVATION AND RISK MANAGEMENT: We emphasize innovation in our services and technology, while maintaining a steadfast focus on responsible risk management to safeguard our traders' interests.


SINCERE CARE: We genuinely care about the well-being and success of our traders, offering personalized support, mentorship, and a community of like-minded professionals.

How it works

At Willis Capital, we have carefully crafted a process that simplifies the path to profitability. Our approach prioritises fairness and skill recognition, ensuring a level playing field for all skilled traders in our community.


With honesty as a fundamental pillar of our operations, we do not claim to give what we do not have. And, in our opinion, it’s almost impossible to have unlimited funds. This is why our funding is capped at $10,000,000, and they are reserved for only a select few - the most skilled traders in our community; those who have proven that they know how to convert their skills into consistent profits.


We know everyone wants a piece of us. We also want everyone, as long as they're skilled, to get the chance to be funded. To ensure equality and considering that our funding is capped, traders are allowed to enroll in our SkillCheck program for a maximum of $50,000 in possible funding at any given point in time. Once they reach Funded stage, they get the chance to enroll in programs of up to $250,000


Although our funding is capped and we have a maximum account size, we believe that the reward for profitability is more profits. As such, we offer profitable traders the opportunity to increase their funding allocations up to a maximum of $500,000, as long as they remain profitable.

Stage 1


Register your interest to be enrolled in any of our proprietary programs where you get the chance to prove your trading expertise through a combination of risk management and trading knowledge.

Stage 2


Meet the requisite targets through a combination of strong strategy, risk management, and adept trading knowledge. Nail them back to back and validate how much of a trading champion you are!

Stage 3

Live Funded

Welcome to the Elite Team. Engage in real action where your expertise meets the markets and potential profits await.

Stage 4


Reap the rewards of your success as profits are shared and achievements are celebrated.

Join Our Community

At Willis Capital, we believe in the strength of community. Join our vibrant trading community and unlock a world of possibilities for your forex journey.

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