This model has two distinct stages, each featuring achievable profit targets. Once you've demonstrated your ability, you'll unlock the door to trading on a Willis Capital-funded account, enjoying an advantageous 70% profit split. As you maintain profitability, see your enrolled account to as high as $500,000.

Trading Objectives

Successful trading begins with a clear vision. See below your objectives for this program to navigate the markets with purpose and direction.

Daily Drawdown Limit

Combine your trading skills with a sound risk management strategy. For this program, traders get zero daily drawdown at Process stage but this bumps up to a 5% drawdown limit once they pass into the Authentication stage. This prepares you for the Live-Funded stage where you're also given a 5% drawdown limit.

Maximum Drawdown Limit

We want to be sure you can manage our funds, hence, your risk is controlled. At Process stage, your maximum drawdown if 5% but it increases to 10% if you pass into the Authentication stage.

Latency Rule

Maintaining account vitality is essential to us. Traders are encouraged to place a trade within 21 days, safeguarding our resources from dormancy. Let's keep the trading energy alive.


We want to know how good you really are and only results can tell us that. For the Standard program, the Process stage gives you a profit target of 5%. Once you hit that target, the Authentication stage has a profit target of 10% after which you get the chance to be live funded with no profit targets at all.

Weekend Protocol

For traders who intend to have positions (open and pending) extend beyond 5 p.m. (GMT+1) on a Friday, it's imperative to have a stop-loss order in place.

This precaution ensures that the funds we have provided are effectively managed.Additionally, all stop-loss orders must not exceed the maximum drawdown threshold, contributing to a comprehensive risk management approach.Notably, any trade lacking a stop-loss order in the live stage will be subject to automatic closure. Additionally, all stop-loss orders must not exceed the maximum drawdown threshold, contributing to a comprehensive risk management approach.

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions to trading news events on all the programs offered by Willis Capital. This also applies to the asset classes on offer.

Why SkillCheck (Standard)

Discover a world of advantages designed to elevate your trading experience with the SkillCheck Standard account at Willis Capital.


Unleash your potential with funding options that extend up to $250,000. With more profits comes more funding that could grow as high as $500,000 through our scaling plan.


Your Skillcheck performance is rewarded with a generous 12% profit split. We set the stage for your profitability from the outset.

Amplify Your Drawdown Potential

Unleash the Stimulus Add-On, an account enhancement designed to expand your drawdown limits after meeting specific criteria, granting you extended trading capabilities for a nominal fee.

Pick Your Preference

Our aim here at Willis Capital is to redefine trading success. Join forces with us for a profitable path to financial freedom. – trade smarter with Willis Capital's support.

Process - 5%
Authentication - 10%
Live - None

Our SkillCheck programs have been designed to ensure we separate the trading stars from the crowd. Prove how much of a skilled trader you are by hitting the profit targets within the program's conditions and showcase your sound trading knowledge and astute risk management skills.

Profit Split

Effort equals reward! At Willis Capital, your hard work pays off. We split profits up to 70% with our talented traders, ensuring that our partnership with them remains for the longest time.

Minimum Trading Days
5 Days

To ensure that our traders are actively managing positions and exposures regularly, we require a minimum of five (5) trading days. This helps to demonstrate consistency and compliance with regulatory standards.

Process - 1:100
Authentication - 1:100
Live - 1:100

Experience trading with different levels of leverage at Willis Capital. Our leverage options are designed to suit various trading strategies, enabling traders to optimize their positions in the market. Our aim is to ensure we provide opportunities for traders to magnify potential profits while managing risks effectively.

Daily Drawdown
Process - none
Authentication- 5%
Live- 5%

As a team, we adhere to stringent risk management protocols for the benefit of our traders. Our daily drawdown limits vary across different phases of the program. This pattern helps us provide controlled risk exposure conditions for traders, uphold responsible trading practices and safeguard our capital.

Max Drawdown
Process - 5%
Authentication - 10%
Live - 10%

Our priority is always on prudent risk management practices. Like the daily drawdown, our maximum drawdown thresholds differ across the various stages of the SkillCheck program. This is to ensure that our traders exercise responsible risk management and safeguard their accounts from excessive losses.

Time Limit

We want you to move forward at your own pace. That's why we offer unlimited time to achieve your profit targets within each program phase. This allows you to focus on strategic decision-making and disciplined execution without feeling pressured by a ticking clock.

Expert Advisors

As part of our commitment to allowing traders use preferred tools, we generally permit the use of Expert Advisors (EAs). However, it's important to note that while EAs are allowed, certain types may not be compatible with our trading environment. For a more comprehensive guide, see the FAQ section.

Weekend Holding

We allow our traders hold trades over the weekend. However, traders who intend to hold positions, both open and pending, beyond 10 pm GMT+1 on Friday are required to establish a stop-loss order as a critical risk management measure. It is expected that all stop-loss orders will adhere to the maximum drawdown threshold.

News Trading

News trading is a trading strategy permitted at Willis Capital. We recognize its value as a legitimate approach to financial markets. However, it's essential to note that while traders are allowed to explore various strategies, responsible trading and effective risk management are our priority, even while engaging in news-based strategies.

Trade Copier

Trade copiers are exclusively permitted within our proprietary trading accounts. The use of external trade copiers by traders from outside accounts is strictly prohibited. However, at the live account phase, traders have the option to request the consolidation of multiple trading accounts into a single unified account.

Stimulus Addon
Process - Yes at Realized 70% Drawdown
Authentication - Yes at realized 70% drawdown
Live -No

Exclusive to the SkillCheck Standard program, the Stimulus Add-on is a feature designed to offer traders increased flexibility by providing them the opportunity to expand their drawdown limits, thus allowing for extended trading opportunities

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