Swift Traders


Sure of your skills? Then the SwiftTrade, where simplicity meets success, is for you. There are no tests, no targets – just a straightforward 70% profit split when you trade on a Willis Capital-funded account. Put your skills to good use now!

Pick Your Preference

Our aim here at Willis Capital is to redefine trading success. Join forces with us for a profitable path to financial freedom. – trade smarter with Willis Capital's support.

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No Target

Dive straight into live trading WITH NO PROFIT TARGET

Profit Split

Watch your earnings grow with our progressive split. Start strong with an 65-35 split in the first month, and reach an impressive 70-30 split subsequently

Minimun Trading Days

At Willis Capital, we understand that trading isn't one-size-fits-all. Whether you're an active day trader, a patient swing trader, or anything in between, there's no minimum trading days requirement


Amplify your trading power with our 1:50 leverage. This means your trading capacity is magnified to 100 times your account balance.

Daily Drawdown

As trailblazers, we stand apart in providing a 15% profit-sharing model based on your earnings throughout the challenge phases. This strategic initiative is designed to motivate our top-tier traders and embodies our unwavering pledge to deliver unparalleled payout bonuses on a global scale.

Max Drawdown

A maximum of 5% loss on initial account balance is permissible as their overall drawdown

Time Limit

We want you to move forward at your own pace. That's why we offer unlimited time to achieve your profit targets within each program phase. This allows you to focus on strategic decision-making and disciplined execution without feeling pressured by a ticking clock.

Scaling Up
YES, up to 250%

Achieve milestones and watch your account grow to 250% of your original funding with the chance to reach a maximum account size of 1 million dollars.

Expert Advisors

Although the use of EAs is not prohibited, please refer to our FAQ page for specific guidelines on the types of EAs permitted,

Weekend Holding

Holding positions over the weekend is allowed as long as a stop-loss order is in place. For more details, check the FAQ page.

Swap Free

Yes our accounts are swap free

News Trading

We trust your judgement and so, we allow news trading

Trade Copier

We only support the use of trade copiers within your own Willis Capital account(s). Kindly note that copying trades from external accounts or platforms is not permitted.

Stimulus Add-On

This add-on is not available for this account type.

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At Willis Capital, we believe in the strength of community. Join our vibrant trading community and unlock a world of possibilities for your forex journey.

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